Who We Are

Mission House Church (MHC) is a multicultural, non-denominational, Bible-based church in the heart of Tampa, Florida. No matter your background, MHC is a place where you can explore Christianity at your own pace. God’s truth is shared through contemporary music and practical, plain language messages. MHC has a unique open door to minister to the cross-cultural melting pot of the city of Tampa, Florida. The church itself includes members from all walks of life, and diverse ethnic and national origins. Central to the growth and outreach of MHC has been a strong emphasis on prayer.

There is no pressure to give money, and we promise you – and your children – won’t be bored. Best of all, we encourage you to leave the suit and tie at home and come as you are.

We believe that Christianity goes beyond Sunday mornings and our desire is to build authentic relationships in the community and with each other.